25 Apr 2024

Why is the term “Islamic terrorism” inaccurate?

Why is the term “Islamic terrorism” inaccurate?


Why is the term “Islamic terrorism” inaccurate?

Is it reasonable to attribute the recent rise in terrorism and bloodshed to Islam? Is it a misinterpretation or misunderstanding of Islamic teachings? Is it wrong to allow an extremist minority to depict Islam as peaceful and authentic? Is fear obstructing the world’s ability to learn the lessons of peace and tolerance?

To love mankind and to show compassion to others is an immense form of worship of God Almighty and an outstanding means of attaining His pleasure and rewards.

Many of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims consider “Islamic terrorism” as a violation of our religious texts and teachings, and they condemn it. Fear has blinded many people around the world to Islam’s beautiful and sacred teachings, which stretch back to 1400 years ago when the religion’s foundations were laid.

True Islamists go to great lengths to demonstrate and preach the values of love, compassion, and respect. We aspire to live in a world of peace, and we work to spread Islam’s authentic, peaceful, and loving message. In every way, Islam is a religion of peace and harmony, with compassion and tolerance for all – terrorism has no place in Islam.

Allah the Almighty has commanded Muslims, who truly follow Islam, to treat all people with equality and righteousness, including enemies. Islam forbids cruelty and wrongdoing, meaning terrorism is not a religion and has no place in any religion.

A prophecy was given about 1400 years ago, at the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), regarding spiritual darkness that would come, poisoning the faith of Muslims, as we witness now. As we can see today, many Muslims would go against the basic principles of compassion and peace during such a time.

The extremists we hear about in the news distort Islam’s teachings, blinding the world to Islam’s peaceful and harmonious principles.

In recent years, we have lived in a dangerous world where conflicts are constantly escalating and damaging the planet; as a result, fear of Islam and Muslims has grown, yet immoral activities committed in the name of Islam have no place in our noble religion.

As a result, according to our understanding, Islam instructs its adherents to abandon all hatred, animosity, and malice in favour of unity based on love and respect. The Quran, which preaches peace, harmony, and love for all, says:

Believers, be committed to Allah as witnesses for justice, and don’t let hatred of a community stop you being just. Be just, that is closest to piety. Be mindful of Allah. Allah is aware of what you do. Allah has promised forgiveness and a great reward to believers who do righteous deeds, and disbelievers who deny Our signs will be the companions of Hell. 

The Majestic Quran 5:8-10

Muslims who follow Islam are instructed by Allah the Almighty to treat all persons with equality and righteousness, including enemies. Terrorism is not a religion and has no place in any religion since Islam opposes brutality and evil.

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