20 May 2024

What’s the most popular name in the world?

What’s the most popular name in the world?


What’s the most popular name in the world?

Only a few months ago did we pass the 8 billion mark of people living on the planet.

With such diversity in culture, identity, climate and language, do you wonder what the most popular name is?

It is approximated that 150 million men are called Muhammad, worldwide.

This is approximately 18.75% of the world population.

How can one name cross borders?

Whilst it may seem inconceivable, there is a reason why the most popular name in the world has spread worldwide.

Because of Islam.

The last beloved Prophet was Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. He is viewed as the ultimate role model for humanity.

Muslims and even non-Muslims alike have a lot of respect, love and admiration for the Prophet.

The Prophet (pbuh) was the epitome of good manners. Every action he undertook in life represented the highest morals and manners a person could exhibit. He was generous and truly cared for his people and for the state of humanity.

He is the embodiment of being a perfect human, and Muslims around the world strive to have even a quarter of the character that he had.

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