25 Apr 2024

Unusual Mosques: New Preston Mosque

Unusual Mosques: New Preston Mosque


Jameela is a 27-year-old psychology graduate who has a passion for people. Jameela is dedicated to combining her expertise in education and faith to help others. Jameela is currently in the process of writing a book, ‘Miraculously Muslim’ compiling the journey of reverts to Islam.

Unusual Mosques: New Preston Mosque

Continuing with our unusual mosque series, this time we’re featuring one closer to home; one that resides in Preston, Lancashire to be exact.

London-based architectural practice LUCA POIAN FORMS were announced as the winner of the international RIBA competition for the design of a new mosque in Preston, Lancashire.

They were looking for an inspirational design to create a timeless landmark building on a site near Preston city centre and visible from the surrounding area.

Preston City Council approved plans for the mosque, which will be built alongside the Broughton roundabout in February.

There is some debate within the community about the need for this mosque. However, Alban Cassidy, director of Preston-based architecture firm ‘Cassidy + Ashton’ commented. He took issue with the suggestion that the landmark mosque would “only benefit the Muslim community”.

“For most of the time, it will be accessible for others to use. As you would expect, you would show respect to traditions within the building – it’s not going to be suddenly available to have 18th [birthday] parties in, shall we say, the lively fashion – but it’s going to be there for scout groups…health classes [and] as meeting space.

“The only restriction would be during the Jummah prayer sessions on Friday…between 12 and 3. Other than that, this is a facility that’s going to be available for the community and there will be a booking system and you will be able to approach and make arrangements.”

Preston plot of land where the mosque plans to be built

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