12 Jul 2024

Why is it important to understand the Quran?

Why is it important to understand the Quran?


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Why is it important to understand the Quran?

As a Muslim, you may wonder why reading the Quran is such an important aspect of our faith. The Quran is the primary religious text of Islam, and it is the literal word of Allah. It contains guidance and teachings that are essential to living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

The Quran covers a wide range of topics, including faith, morality, ethics, history, and social issues. It provides guidance on how to live a righteous life and how to establish a just and peaceful society. We believe that the Quran provides answers to the fundamental questions of life, such as the purpose of existence, the nature of God, and the destiny of humanity.

Reading the Quran is a form of worship and a way to connect with Allah. By reading and understanding the Quran, we can deepen our faith, gain spiritual strength, and improve our relationship with Allah. When we read the Quran, we feel a sense of peace, comfort, and guidance.

Why should we learn to read the Quran in Arabic?

We learn to read the Quran in Arabic because it is the language in which the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Arabic is the holy language of Islam, and the Quran is the primary religious text of Islam. Therefore, it is important for us to understand the Arabic language in order to fully comprehend the message of the Quran.

The Quran will have little effect on your life if you don’t know what it’s saying

If you don’t know what the Quran is saying, you may miss out on important lessons and guidance that can help you navigate life’s challenges. The Quran provides guidance on all aspects of life, from personal matters such as faith, morality, and ethics, to social issues such as justice, peace, and human rights. If you don’t understand the Quran’s message, you may miss out on the wisdom and guidance it offers, and you may not be able to fully implement its teachings in your life.

Dr Musharraf Hussain (Islamic scholar) discusses why it is important to understand the Quran

I have been learning, memorising, and teaching the Quran for more than 50 years. I believe that the Quran is the leading text for connecting with Allah. It is the word of Allah. “This is a revelation from Allah the Almighty, the All-knowing, Forgiver of sins, Acceptor of repentance and the Gracious. There is no god but He. To Him is the return” (Al-Mumin: 2-3).

Many Muslims use verses of the Quran, read their commentaries and admire the logic, the beauty of the words and their proverbial meanings. However, I see a danger in looking at the Quran as a collection of proverbs, pious phrases and maxims rather than a cohesive thematic text. I cringe to think of a reader opening my book on page 11 and randomly picking out a sentence or a phrase and then quoting it out of context. We often do this with the Quran. I believe this is a poor way of studying it. I have been advocating that we focus on the themes of the Quran and study the full narrative. So, in my translation ‘The Majestic Quran‘, I have divided each surah into sections that signify a story, a theme or a message. Each section has a heading that sums up the meaning of the section.

The Quran is the book of Allah, in it He is inspiring and motivating human beings to believe, trust and restore the broken relationship since He is the Lord. He wants his beloved creation to communicate with him, worship him and live a life that is flourishing.

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