25 Apr 2024

The Last Book


The Last Book

Do you not know whose words are the ones being spoken?

Do you not know that this last book was written for all the world which was broken?

Who else can tell you of what was before and what will be?

Who else can tell you what is the world’s fate and future destiny?

Take heed to all the words each and every one,

Take heed of all that is said right from the beginnings right through to the end of the sun.

How did this book come into our land?

How did this book arrive for it was not written by a human hand?

There will be no more words after this last book,

There will be no more chances in the hereafter only now is the time to have a look.

The message is clear to obey and to pray,

The message promises rewards to those who follow so begin to read starting from this very day.

The final message tells you who you are and how you came into being,

The final message tells you what you should be and what you should be believing.

Begin on the journey to save your soul,

Begin the rest of your life to achieve what should be your life’s goal,

This is the last book and these will be the last words that will ever be given.

This is the last book so repent and all can still be forgiven.

For the time will come when it will be the final day,

And when that day arrives there will be nothing else left to say but to hope and pray.

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