20 May 2024

The Essence of Ramadan

The Essence of Ramadan


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Dr Musharraf Hussain is an Islamic scholar, CEO of Karimia Institute, and senior trustee of Muslim Hands. Formerly he was the chairman of the Christian Muslim forum (2008-2010), vice chair of the Association of Muslim Schools (2000-2003). He trained and worked as a research scientist before becoming a fulltime Imam and teacher. He has authored over 30 books.

The Essence of Ramadan

Ramadan is a great guest. Whenever an honourable guest comes, we prepare in advance for their arrival by cleaning our homes and ensuring everything is set, similarly, we should do this for Ramadan by cleaning our hearts from sins and impurity.

Let us welcome Ramadan, as we are honoured to witness the blessings and mercy from Allah.

What is Ramadan?

Islam had been established on five pillars. Fasting in the month of Ramadan is one of them.  This holy month is our chance to reinforce our faith and re-establish Islam in our hearts. By observing the duty of fasting in a perfect manner, this will ensure Allah’s acceptance of our effort.

Fasting was prescribed for believers who were before us. However, the Ummah of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was gifted the month of Ramadan as a special bounty to perform the worship of fasting. Throughout the year, Allah designated certain times and certain days for specific forms of worship. This is where the sincerity and endurance of His servants are tested and the rewards to His obedient servants are multiplied. These are the seasons of holiness, goodness and blessings; where the mercy of Allah pours down on His willing servants.

This gives individuals a chance to repent and return to the right path. It is also a chance to grant His servants more opportunities to exercise their commitments to Him and gain His favours.

A Muslim should try to give up bad habits during Ramadan. It is during the month of Ramadan that Allah chains the devils and aids us in controlling our souls, allowing us to concentrate on our deeds for the pleasure of Allah.

Fasting is there to help teach Muslims:

  • Self-discipline
  • Self-restraint
  • Generosity

It also reminds them of the suffering of the poor, who may rarely get to eat well. Ramadan is a month of training, to improve all acts of worship. It is a school of faith, obedience, and defiance to shaytan. Whilst it can be difficult to balance a home work routine as parents, it’s important to keep spirits high and remember that despite the hardship, their are infinite blessings this month.

Ramadan is also an opportunity to renew relationships that may have been broken during the year and we should try and clear up any disputes or bad feelings with others so we may start this month fresh.

A Muslim should prepare to benefit from Ramadan.

Whilst it can be easy to engage in the ritual of Ramadan, Muslims shouldn’t fast just because they are accustomed to do so. Ramadan is a great opportunity that comes once a year to renew your relationship and commitment to Allah. It is a time to combine fasting with other worship such as prayer and reciting the Qur’an. This is good as the fasting person can increase their reward and rank. The purpose of life is to worship the Maker and the month of Ramadan is the best month of worship and prayer.

All praise and thanks to Allah who will enable us to reach the month of Ramadan, and who will enable us to fast and pray. We ask the Almighty to help us complete this month, to help us reach the Ramadan of next year and to accept all our deeds, Ameen.

The best preparation for Ramadan is not to prepare the body, but to prepare and awaken the heart! That is because the distracted heart, or the heart that is preoccupied with worldly affairs, is neither ready nor fit to endure the ritual acts of the body.

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