13 Jun 2024

The best book for your child

The best book for your child


The best book for your child

The world in 2020 belongs to smart electronic gadgets and the internet. But social media, games and other online activities are creating serious concerns among the parents for their children. Parents complain that children do not listen to them. Youngsters are getting involved in immoral and even criminal activities more than ever before. Ignoring the value of simplicity, they desire to adopt a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. When they fail to attain it, they get stuck into stress, depression, anxiety disorder etc. They do not give due care and importance to their parents. Disobedience is, unfortunately, a trend. All these behavioural problems start developing from their childhood. What you need to do is to ‘Nip the evil in the bud’. If you want to save your kids from all of this, you need to take a few simple but smart steps. One of these is to build in them a healthy habit of reading.

Give the best to your kid. Yes, give your child the best book to study. Sit with him for a while in the evening or at any other time. Read the book together and explain to him the topics or story, where necessary. It will bring you and your kids closer than before. It will help you to impart better moral and social values in your kid. It will strengthen your child-parent relationship.

The question is, which book should be selected for the one you care the most (your kid)? You might think of Harry Potter or some other fiction book. But what if you select a more famous book than Harry Potter? Or a book that is the most popular of all the times. Yes, go for the best for your dearest. The Holy Quran is the most popular book in the history of man. According to one estimate, when 450 million copies of Harry Potter are published/sold, the number of the Holy Quran publication reaches more than 3 Billion. Yes, you have got it right, 3 Billion! This huge number will definitely excite you to buy one copy for you and your kids. But the number of publication is not the only reason that you should select this book. There are numerous reason to go for this choice. Here you will read about a few of them.


Children love stories. The Holy Quran has many exciting tales and fascinating stories of the people of every rank. Its tales range from the common men and women to the worthy kings and queens. It excites its readers by the description of the oceans, deserts, earth and space. For example; a man is being swallowed by a huge fish. A prophet is being thrown into the fire and coming out of it alive. A worthy king is being killed by a mosquito. Story of a Prophet who understands the language of animals and rules the wind. Nations being killed by super floods and great earthquakes. There are many others to be explored by you and your kid.


Be smart parents. Only fiction will never develop your child’s high moral values and good ethics. The Holy Quran focuses on this aspect as well. It encourages its readers to maintain noble character with high moral grounds. It focuses on simplicity and helping others. Its regular study will assure that your kid plays a positive social role in the future. It is not just a fiction book with fascinating stories. Each incident / story has some moral lesson. It will help you to discuss with your kids, the topics of truthfulness, honesty, helpfulness, righteousness, etc. It will eventually make them a good future guy. And you will be proud parents.


If you want to build a strong relationship of respect and responsibilities with your child, this is the perfect book. Why? The Holy Quran discusses the duties and rights in a parent-child relationship. For example, it guides parents about how to treat your children. It motivates the children not to even speak loud with your old parents. A mother is the most important person in a child life. A father is a doorway to success. Isn’t it sound great? Yes, it is. Imagine sitting with your children and discussing all these issues. It will surely create a better sense of harmony. It will strengthen the relationship of love and respect between you and your kid.


Reading the Quran is just like exploring the unveiled secrets of the universe. When other children-books discuss the only specific characters or topic, this book talks over diversified themes. Apart from storytelling, you will see the elements of Science, Discoveries, Ethics, Human Rights, Politics, Religion and many others. So, it will never let you get bore of it. Hundreds of researches and debates on the Holy Quran are easily available on the internet.


The Holy Quran is not like any other book. Its narration is unique in every sense. It does not always narrate the stories or ideas in a sequence. Sometimes only a hint to the whole event is written. So, it will be better to have the Holy Quran with interpretation. Read the text and consult the interpretation where you need some detail of the text. It will help you to get the most out of this wonderful book.

In a nutshell, the modern world has all the superficial splendor and charm to allure your kids and convert them into someone you have never admired. Unless you let this happen. Kids are like melted iron you can mould them the way you want. But if you let your kid grow without proper counselling, he will build his own moral codes, the codes taught by the gadgets, technology. Select the Holy Quran as a book companion for your child. Accompany him to understand it and share your thoughts. Help yourself and your kids to grow into positive, helpful, practical and righteous human being. Always remember the Chinese proverb “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”.

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