25 Apr 2024

Strengthen your connection with the Almighty

Strengthen your connection with the Almighty


Strengthen your connection with the Almighty

Praying is the second most essential part of Islam after declaring one’s religion. Prayer includes two aspects: purification and presence. The transcendental can be reached through prayer.

Material goals impact our trip through this earthly life, driving us to stray from the straight road and leading us to vileness and disaster. That is why, in prayer, we frequently seek Allah’s guidance to keep us on the correct road.

The role of the five daily prayers:

What significance do five daily prayers play in reducing the negative effects of sin? To pray is to be aware of Allah and not lost in our piety’s arrogance.

We become more humble as a result of prayer, and we become closer to one another.

The Prophet (PBUH), stated:

Give glad tidings and do not cause people to turn away.

Many Ahadith from Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) describe the expiatory aspect of prayer. One of them, according to Tirmidhi, is:

Five prayers and from one Friday prayer till the next is expiatory for all that is between them as long as one avoids the major sins.

This Hadith demonstrates how powerful prayer is in our daily life. Every prayer is accompanied with a light that illuminates our hearts and eliminates the possibility of sin. Another Hadith describes expiation and the reward for prayer as:

The preparation for presence with Allah.

The renewal of one’s slavehood to Allah is the discipline of prayer and preferring Allah over worldly commitments with our complete being at all times of the day.

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