18 Jun 2024

Radio Dawn 107.6 FM – a Voice for Islam

Radio Dawn 107.6 FM – a Voice for Islam


Radio Dawn 107.6 FM – a Voice for Islam

Radio Dawn is Nottingham’s only Islamic Community Radio Station. The radio invites diverse communities to listen as we represent and share the beautiful message of Islam. 

We move hearts with the love of Islam and the blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is for this reason that the radio station was born on the 12th of Rabi ul Awwal, of the lunar calendar. Our goal is to increase listenership and participation amongst young British Muslims and to help them encapsulate the values of Islam. 

The Radio Dawn Community 

My name is Naser Hussain and I have been the Station Manager and Fundraiser for Radio Dawn for the last two years. Radio Dawn has a reach of over 50k local listeners through the website, as well as an online global audience in addition to that. Calls have also been received worldwide. The radio is a lifeline for many Muslims who are fragmented from their communities, as well as serving the elderly and vulnerable who are unable to venture out as much.  

As well as the wide listenership, we’ve had a multitude of support from local businesses, as well as having renowned celebrities feature on Radio Dawn. These includes the likes of Lauren Booth, Yvonne Ridley, Tez Ilyas, Omar Esa, Shereen Malherbe, Prince Naseeb Abbas and Hamzah Khan to name a few.

Radio Dawn has arranged various community programs which include the Mount Snowdon Trek, Annual Mawlid un-Nabi event, stage performance management of the annual Cultural Festival, and most recently, a successful fundraising dinner at Blotts Country Club, Nottingham. 

What programmes do the radio offer? 

The focus has been on community engagement and support, as well as the need for more programs in English.  

We now have programs in Urdu, Punjabi, English, Arabic and Nigerian, however, most of our programs are in English, catering for the needs of the future generations of British Muslims. These include breakfast shows, Ask the Alim, Kids Show, Youth chat, Allama Iqbal hour, Tajweed hour, plus much more. 

Over the last few years our programs have increased, and we now have a few programmes for young Muslims, presented by young people.

The key to providing relevant programs and shows is based on the needs of the community. Because of this we’d love to hear from you; you can get in touch by emailing us your feedback.

Ramadan programmes 

Ramadan is always the busiest period for the Radio. As well as our regular shows, we have a daily iftar show, where the presenter quizzes listeners on their Islamic Knowledge. With 60+ callers and over 15 prizes given out each day, this is more than triple of what the radio has ever given. 

In partnership with many radio stations, Radio Dawn is now looking at going digital via DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). This will significantly improve our quality, service, and reception in areas where previously there was interference or poor reception. The future is now looking brighter! 

How you can get involved 

Because the radio station is a community funded station and not a commercial one, we appreciate all support, whether it be through dua or donations. We currently run with the help of 30+ volunteer presenters, who devote their time to do shows for the sake of Dawah.

All budding presenters out there who want to improve their confidence and share their knowledge with the community, have the chance of carrying out a regular show. We also welcome volunteers to help at events.

All donations go towards the running of the Radio Station which includes upgrading the equipment, Ofcom fees, membership fees, fundraising activities etc.

If you would like to donate, you can send a direct bank transfer using the details below:

Name: Karimia Ltd

Sort Code: 60-11-33 

Account Number: 22552677 

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