29 May 2024

Preparing for Ramadan

Preparing for Ramadan


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Muskaan Jamsheid is a graduate in psychology. She is the project coordinator for HumanKind and also the editor for Invitation Magazine.Outside of work, she enjoys fitness, reading and cooking.

Preparing for Ramadan

Ramadan is an important month for Muslims, especially for young people. It’s a time when we fast from sunrise to sunset and focus on our faith, spirituality, and self-improvement. To make the most of this special month, it’s essential to prepare ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Physical Preparation: Before Ramadan starts, we can gradually reduce the amount of food we eat during the day, so it’s not a shock to our bodies when we start fasting. It’s also a good idea to try to get used to waking up early for suhoor, which is the pre-dawn meal we eat before starting our fast. We can also do some light exercise to prepare our bodies for the changes we’ll experience during Ramadan.

Mental Preparation: During Ramadan, we want to focus on positive thoughts and increase our connection with Allah. To prepare ourselves mentally, we can set goals for what we want to achieve during the month, such as reading more Quran or praying extra prayers. We can also try to clear our minds of negative thoughts and emotions to be more present and focused during our spiritual practices.

Spiritual Preparation: Ramadan is a time of increased worship and spiritual reflection. We can prepare ourselves spiritually by reading more Quran, performing extra prayers, and seeking forgiveness for our mistakes. It’s also a good time to reflect on our relationship with Allah and consider how to improve it.

Preparing the Home: We can also prepare our homes for Ramadan by cleaning them and creating a peaceful, spiritual atmosphere. We can decorate our homes with Islamic art, such as calligraphy or paintings, and prepare meals in advance so we have more time for worship and reflection.

In conclusion, Ramadan is a special time for Muslims, and preparing for it can help us make the most of this important month. By focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual preparation, as well as preparing our homes, we can have a fulfilling and rewarding Ramadan. Let’s take this opportunity to grow closer to Allah and become better versions of ourselves

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