25 Apr 2024

Nottingham volunteers organise a charity bake sale

Nottingham volunteers organise a charity bake sale


Atif Hussain
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Nottingham volunteers organise a charity bake sale

Operation Khair is a small group of Nottingham volunteers who have been raising funds for the poor and needy for three years. They recently raised £11,000 for cataract operations in Pakistan. 

They are currently fundraising for Ummah Welfare Trust’s Palestine Ramadan food pack campaign which is about distributing Ramadan food packs for those in need in Palestine. 

Ummah Welfare Trust emergency food packages are composed of a variety of staple foodstuffs that cover the major food groups. These are usually distributed in areas that are in need of emergency relief as well as in abnormally poor areas.

The cost of each food pack is £50 and it feeds a family for 2 weeks. The target is £10,000 and the charity has a 100% donation policy. 

They have organised a number of fund-raising activities such as bake sale, Qur’an competition, youth project, virtual Iftar and many more.

Three members of Operation Khair, Mahnoor Awan, Haniah Shujahat and Umm Musa have organised a charity bake sale which will take place on April 10 at Masjid Umar car park from 12 pm-5 pm in Nottingham.

Haniah Shujahat, the fundraising manager for the bake sale said: “It has been a pleasure taking part in the organisation of the bake sale, which is raising money for food packs in Palestine. Helping the poor is such an important Sunnah and I’m really pleased that we have, in sha Allah, be able to earn Allah’s pleasure by feeding others, especially in Ramadan.  

“Interacting with all the bakers that have kindly come forward to give up their time and donate their bakes has shown me how enthusiastic this community is in fundraising for a great cause.”

“It is not becoming of a Muslim to sleep on a full stomach whilst those around him (his neighbours) go hungry.”

We urge our readers to donate to the cause and attend the bake sale if it is convenient. You can click here to make a donation.

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