29 May 2024

Nottingham Cultural Festival 2021

Nottingham Cultural Festival 2021


Nottingham Cultural Festival 2021

Karimia Institute, Nottingham is proud to announce this year’s ‘Nottingham Cultural Festival’, which is about celebrating the diverse cultures of the different communities in Nottingham. The festival will be held at the Forest Recreation Ground, there will be food and drink stalls, Mehendi, face painting, inflatables and funfair rides, plus live Nasheeds.

The festival was previously held in 2019 which saw families from various backgrounds come together and enjoy food, live performances and browse a range of stalls. People who attended the event included Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria and also many non-Muslims came along too.

Dr Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari, said: “Our aim is to help the wider society to understand that Muslims are ordinary citizens that have the same needs as the rest of the people who live in Nottingham. It’s about building that integrated community sense.”

Around 7000 people are expected to attend the festival this year at Forest Recreation Ground on Sunday 25th of July from 12pm-6pm .

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