25 Apr 2024

Nature; its beauty and the miracle of Allah

Nature; its beauty and the miracle of Allah


Nature; its beauty and the miracle of Allah

Nature’s beauty is one of the most wonderful blessings gifted to mankind by Allah the Almighty. Allah has created nature not only for our physical existence but also for our psychological well-being. His creations portray a magnificent touch of beauty which can never be surpassed by any man-made object. Therefore, it is the will of Allah to make mankind’s existence in this world a memorable one so that man in return shows his gratefulness to him in a humble manner. Alhamdulillah!

All of Allah’s creations prove that Allah loves beauty and also wants us to be conscious of its importance. In every aspect of nature, be it the running water the sky, the sea, the high mountains or the flying birds, creatures in the sea or the wilderness in the forest, or the dry desert and the oases therein, there is eye catching attraction for the man to feed his inner senses. Wherever we turn around to cast a look, we are greeted abundantly with the spectacular beauty of nature. Without this touch of attraction in nature, man’s life on earth would be a mere dull existence. 

Take the majestic sun which rises in the morning, spreading its brilliant rays of flaming colours to wake us in the dawn. The splendor of its beauty creates such liveliness in us to produce not only an energetic feeling, but also to present the whole world a magnificent scenery. The attractive scene of the sunrise and the sunset draw millions of people to the mountain tops or to the sea sides specifically to admire them to bring a soothing effect to their disturbed minds. 

With the rising of the sun, there emerge the blooming flowers in various colours and shades. Has Allah created these bloomers in arrays of hues without any meaning? The sparkling beauty of these bloomers in red, yellow, orange gold and violet are simply fabulous and breathtakingly eye catching. Have the roses, jasmines orchids and magnolias name to some of them, just cropped up wildly and meaninglessly? Forests and deserts too encompass colourful wild flowers and plants to treat the travelers through them with glints of brightness and beauty. 

Isn’t man able to derive great pleasure in such companions around him? Shouldn’t man be thankful to the creator for giving him such happiness free of charge? 

Just imagine a world without trees and plants. Who created them with such abundance of resourcefulness adding a touch of cooling greenery that stretches over the earth unending? From the great oaks to tiny bushes and grass, we get not only food, shelter and protection but also a soothing array of colourful formation to feed our hungry eyes. How would our life be in a place where everything is brown instead of the green coolness you get from the vegetation? It is very unfortunate that man today is so thoughtless, selfish and callous to destroy these valuable gifts. Isn’t he heading towards destruction?

Birds, bees, butterflies and other creatures around us give added brightness to the environment. Why should Allah create so many birds large and small with brilliant colours including gold and silver? If one visited a birds’ conservation park, he would realize how Allah has gifted man with his blessings to cater to his aesthetic sense in these beautiful creations. They are created with such delicacy, coordination and color combination which evidently prove Allah’s benevolent kindness to man to live a life filled with calmness, serenity and joy.

Animals huge and tiny, roaming on earth enhance this further. Ever wonder how the monstrous looking whales and giant elephants on land came to be on earth without Allah’s help? Don’t they bring us the joy of seeing his creations with amazement? 

Look at our water resources. They are not only simply water resources, but are also great attractions that captivate our senses. Waterfalls especially are great aspects of beauty that bring a great sense of calmness to us. The vast blue ocean and the ever flowing rivers have their own projection of attraction. One can spend hours watching the waves in the sea that display Allah’s love for beauty. 

Certainly there is a lesson for man to understand the meanings behind these creations. 

What if the world is a colourless dry arid desert? Can you and I be here reading a text like this?

Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the day and night there are signs for people of reason. (Quran 3:190)

And He is the One Who sends down rain from the sky—causing all kinds of plants to grow—producing green stalks from which We bring forth clustered grain. And from palm trees come clusters of dates hanging within reach. There are also gardens of grapevines, olives, and pomegranates, similar in shape but dissimilar in taste. Look at their fruit as it yields and ripens! Indeed, in these are signs for people who believe. (Quran 6:99)

And He is the One Who spread out the earth and placed firm mountains and rivers upon it, and created fruits of every kind in pairs. He covers the day with night. Surely in this are signs for those who reflect. (Quran 13:3)

As for the earth, We spread it out and placed upon it firm mountains, and caused everything to grow there in perfect balance. (Quran 15:19)

With it He produces for you various crops, olives, palm trees, grapevines, and every type of fruit. Surely in this is a sign for those who reflect. (Quran 16:11)

And We have made the sky a well-protected canopy, still they turn away from its signs. (Quran 21:32)

He created the heavens without pillars—as you can see—and placed firm mountains upon the earth so it does not share with you, and scattered throughout it all types of creatures. And We send down rain from the sky, causing every type of fine plant to grow on earth. (Quran 31:10)

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