12 Jul 2024

Muslim Hands UK opens bread factory in Yemen

Muslim Hands UK opens bread factory in Yemen


Atif Hussain
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Muslim Hands UK opens bread factory in Yemen

Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an international aid agency and NGO which provides emergency relief and tackles the root causes of poverty. They work in over 30 countries worldwide. Our work in Yemen includes distributing food parcels and school meals, rehabilitating deep water wells, providing medical care, and running two bread factories.

Bread is a staple part of diets around the world over and Yemen is no exception. However, the ongoing war and the lack of fuel and flour, alongside the destruction of infrastructure, has made it almost impossible for bakeries in Yemen to remain open. There is an ongoing need for a sustainable and effective way to help those who have suffered for years due to the conflict.

In Ramadan 2020, Muslim Hands UK launched the Yemen Bread Factory Appeal. With the dire situation in Yemen escalating, their teams in the UK and Yemen started planning to set up two bread factories in Yemen: in Aden and Ma’rib.

Just a few days ago, Alhamdulillah, with the support and love for the people of Yemen, our Bread Factory in Aden has opened!

The Prophet (SAW) said, “The person who strives on behalf of the widows and poor is like those who strive in the way of Allah and like those who fast in the day and pray at night”. [Bukhari]

Muslim Hands offices on the ground spend months doing a needs assessment in Aden to create four specific distribution points which will target those most in need: orphans, disabled people, and widows. 6,000 fresh loaves of bread are being baked each morning and then transported to different distribution points between 4-8 pm, with each person receiving two loaves of bread. In sha’ Allah, their aim is to increase the capacity to nearly 20,000 fresh loaves of bread every day.

Over the last few months, their teams on the ground have worked tirelessly, working through delays in deliveries of equipment and limited resources to build this bread factory. Through their hard work, the bread factory has now become a reality, thanks to the grace and mercy of Allah (SWT) and your du’as and support. 

How the bread factory is saving lives.

Donations will help provide thousands of loaves of bread each day, a staple food in the diet of people who may not know when their next meal is coming.

Currently, 22 million Yemeni families lack access to food, health care and safe water and can only rely on food aid alone.

And SubhanAllah, the donations aren’t feeding any ordinary people, these are the blessed people of Yemen, about whom the Prophet (SAW) said, “The best of men are the men of Yemen, belief is Yemeni and I am Yemeni…” [Ahmad]

These blessed people were already on the brink of famine because of the ongoing conflict, and the spread of coronavirus is risking their lives further. The pandemic is threatening food security, with more people losing their jobs and the cost of living rising. This bread factory will make a huge difference to the war-torn families of this blessed land.

The people of Yemen need you.

“The example of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When one limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever”. [Bukhari]

Muslim Hands is honored to be involved in such a unique project within this blessed land, and they invite you with the beautiful opportunity to feed hundreds of people every day. Imagine that. Imagine 700 people stood in front of you and being able to feed them all for just £50. They buy their flour in bulk, hence our price points have been kept low and every pound you donate can feed more and more people.

Your support can help increase the capacity and open up a second bread factory soon in Ma’rib, which is in the north of Yemen. There are so many ways you can help, from raising awareness on social media to joining our Walk for Yemen in October! The situation is worsening in Yemen, but your ‘affection, mercy, and compassion’ can save lives.

Stand by the people of the Prophet (SAW) in their hour of need. Donate to the people of Yemen today.

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