18 Jun 2024

Motivate a Million fundraising Dinner raises £120K!

Motivate a Million fundraising Dinner raises £120K!


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Motivate a Million fundraising Dinner raises £120K!

On Saturday 1st April, Karimia Institute organised its annual ‘Motivate a Million’ fundraising event. The aim of the project is to distribute 1 million Qurans over the next five years. This project is aimed at bridging gaps in accessibility to Islamic teachings to the wider public. Through this prophetic mission, Motivate a Million raised £120k on Saturday’s fundraising event. The money raised will go towards free Quran distribution. This is for people who may be struggling to connect with their faith, whether they’re in prison, working in the public, private or voluntary sectors.

Karimia Institute’s fundraising manager Ahmed Belim kicked off the event by explaining why the project was initiated and the backing they’ve had. Then it on to Dr Musharraf Hussain CEO of Karimia Institute to address the audience about the importance of this project and he discussed ways in which people could contribute to this great cause.

The joy of Ramadan was shared in the event and the entertainment was provided by Nasheed artists Prince Naseeb and Zara. Both provided captivating performances.

This was our second annual dinner, following on from our success in 2022. Alhumdulillah, Ramadan is a blessed month, for giving and Allah gives abundantly to those that are very generous during this month. The purpose of the fundraising dinner was to first raise the profile of the Motivate A Million project, distributing Qurans to all sectors across the UK and beyond.  Second, to raise money so that we can continue this in which we are sharing the light of Islam through distributing the Quran”.

The outcome of the dinner was very successful. We have been very lucky to be surrounded by some very generous donors who have always given very generously, the total amount raised is a reflection of not only the people’s generosity but also their intentions for this very valuable project.  As event organiser, it has given me considerable pleasure to work alongside Dr Musharraf Hussain and my fundraising team who have worked tirelessly to put this event on and make it a real success” said Ahmed Belim.

The distribution of the Quran is the duty of every Muslim. Motivate a Million is an amazing project that aims to deliver Qurans to Muslim students and non-Muslims. A precious gift, a life-changing book, and a manual that provides spiritual contentedness. On Saturday nearly 250 people gathered at Blotts country club for an Iftar. But this was no ordinary breaking of the fast. Brother Tariq Nasir the chair of trustees of Karimia Institute opened the floor to participants and asked them to give and within 20 minutes nearly £120,000 was pledged by some of our well-to-do brothers and sisters. May Allah accept their generosity and donations. Brother Fazle Rabbi Khan another trustee of Karimia Institute concluded the event with a special thank you message to all participants.

Overall the event was a huge success and Motivate a Million will be having many more events in other cities too insha-Allah.

To donate a Quran or to learn about the Motivate a Million project, click HERE.

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