6 Dec 2022

Mo Farah reveals the harrowing truth about his life

Mo Farah reveals the harrowing truth about his life


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Mo Farah reveals the harrowing truth about his life

Mo Farah shocks the nation as he reveals the shocking truth about his identity in a BBC documentary, The real Mo Farah, which aired on the 13th of July.

The four-time Olympic champion told the world he was trafficked to the UK when he was 4 years old, taking the identity of Muhammad Farah to enter the country.

‘The real story is I was born in Somaliland, north of Somalia, as Hussein Abdi Kahin,’ he said in the expose documentary.

‘Despite what I’ve said in the past, my parents never lived in the UK.

‘When I was four my dad was killed in the civil war. As a family, we were torn apart.

‘I was separated from my mother, and I was brought into the UK illegally under the name of another child called Mohamed Farah.’

Mo Farah was brought to the UK under the premise of living with relatives, however, upon arrival, he was treated like a servant. It was only with the help of his PE teacher, Alam Watkinson, that he was able to receive British Citizenship and move in with his mum’s friend Kinsa, who took care of him.

‘Most people know me as Mo Farah but it’s not my name or it’s not the reality,’

The Met police have now launched an investigation into this case, however, it is confirmed that he will not lose his British Citizenship.

His story highlights the dangers of child trafficking, and how it is still prevalent within our society.

To watch the full story on BBC, click here.

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