25 Apr 2024

Meet the Bearded Broz

Meet the Bearded Broz


Meet the Bearded Broz

The Bearded Broz started as the unfortunate events at Grenfell Towers unfolded. A group of people that wanted to help started their journey from Birmingham, from then on we have now become a household name.

From the bin strikes to running a 24-hour food bank called Salma Food Bank. 

Now with 750 active volunteers from all walks and beliefs working under one principal:

A believer isn’t a believer that sleeps satisfied while his neighbour goes hungry

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

The rules were set straight at the very beginning that we would form an organisation that helped others regardless of their beliefs, colour or creed.

The Broz wouldn’t take any money nor would he become a charity, simple reason being we could see how large charities had operated and how it can easily become a massive business. 

The Broz now boast having reached 160,000 people with emergency food supplies, having three depots in the UK. 

Having a growing number of people married on our very own introduction service.

Using social media to convey breaking community news and issues as they arise. With a viewership in so many countries and languages.

We have had approximately 160 million views worldwide, winning numerous awards as we went along, the last one being the Pride of Britain awards. 

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