24 Jul 2024

Let’s learn Islam: ‘live’ online Quran teaching for children

Let’s learn Islam: ‘live’ online Quran teaching for children


Let’s learn Islam: ‘live’ online Quran teaching for children

Let’s Learn Islam is an online platform to learn the Quran. The school believes that teaching Quran is a huge responsibility. Their Quran tutors are effectively trained by expert Quran management, in order to ensure that your child receives only the best Quran education.

This course is designed to teach young people how to read the Quran. The books are full of stimulating graphics with a simple layout that provides an opportunity for pupils to learn Arabic with fun and ease. Pupils learn phonics, how to form words and read short sentences in preparation for moving up to actually reciting the Quran. The lessons can be taken 1:1 or in groups.

How does the Quran school work?

The school aims to teach your child step-by-step to learn how to read the Quran online with Tajweed. You can do this from the comfort of your home with the guidance of expert Quran teachers, this makes online Quran learning a lot easier. The resources have been carefully designed by keeping in mind the age and abilities of learners.

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Level 1 & 2 introduces children to the Arabic alphabet, the beginning, middle and end forms of letters, the Fathah, Kasrah and Dhammah.

Read the Quran Level 1
Read the Quran Level 2

There are plenty of exercises that ensure the pupils have plenty of opportunities to consolidate what they have learnt.

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Level 3 continues on from Level 2. Pupils are introduced to the Jazam/Sukoon, Tanween, Shadda, Madd and so on, presented in a bright, colourful way, guaranteed to keep pupils engaged whilst they are learning to read Arabic.

Read the Quran Level 3

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Level 4 is actually an introduction to the Quran. Pupils are not accustomed to reading long passages of texts as presented in the Quran at this stage so level 4 introduces them to long sentences and long passages of the continuous Arabic text. Pupils are taught how to develop their breathing and eye movement so they can recite fluently

Read the Quran Level 4

Students follow a comprehensive Islamic studies course that covers Beliefs, Fiqh, life of the Prophet (PBUH). An emphasis on character building is laid through our programme which nurtures the moral values of Islam.

Choose your package:

Bronze package: Group learning, only on weekends, £25 per month.

Silver package: Group learning, 4 days a week, £35 per month.

Gold package: 1:1 learning, only on weekends, £120 per month.

What’s next?

Stage 1​

  • Sign-up:​ You will need to select one of 3 packages on offer.
  • Assessment:​ We will contact you to arrange an online assessment. This will cover reading a small section of Qaida/Quran​.
  • ​Group allocation: After reviewing the assessment, we will inform you of the level your child will start at.

Stage 2​

  • Meeting with class teacher: The class teacher will meet you and your child to explain the curriculum plan, lesson structure and assessments.​
  • Setup for Online Learning​: A member of our support team will contact you to go through our online portal and technology required for successful remote learning​.
  • Lessons start: Your child will join us for remote learning. The teacher will ensure your child has the necessary support that may be required for the first lesson​.

Stage 3​

  • Termly Assessments​: Students will complete online assessments covering both their ability to read Qaida/Quran and their knowledge and understanding of Islamic Studies. ​
  • Termly Report​: You will receive a report covering a review of the assessment completed and an indication of engagement and progress of your child.
  • Parent/Teacher Meeting​: This will focus on engagement, progress and previous report. It will also provide an opportunity for parents to feedback on the quality of teaching​.

Lesson structure:

  1. Welcome and registration​ – Recite Surah Fatihah (5 minutes).
  2. Qaida/Quran reading – Assess and record progress on the personal record sheet (30 minutes).
  3. Let’s Learn Islam – Assess and record progress on personal learning sheet​ (15 minutes).
  4. Theme of the week​ – Character building programme (10 minutes)​.
  5. Lesson End – Recite Surah Fatihah and Dua​.

Why choose Let’s Learn Islam?

  • Backed by Karimia Institute that has been operating nationally for 30 years.
  • Awarded Charity of the Year 2020 at British Muslim Awards.
  • Developed our own Islamic studies curriculum that is widely used.
  • Rigorous training programme for staff in all aspects of delivering high quality teaching.
  • Committed and capable leadership that develop staff and ensure high quality teaching​.
  • Rigorous systems for assessment and reviews that are reported to parents on a termly basis​.

For more information and to register now, CLICK HERE.

For further queries, call on: 0115 841 5806 or email on: learning@karimia.com

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