18 Jun 2024

ImamConnect: The World’s first online platform for Muslim services

ImamConnect: The World’s first online platform for Muslim services


ImamConnect: The World’s first online platform for Muslim services

ImamConnect believes in closing the gap between Muslims from all walks of life with experts in religious and non-religious services including marriage ceremonies, pre-marital advice, counselling, wills & inheritance, Islamic studies, and more.

ImamConnect’s CEO and Founder, who is also a former UK government advisor and a founder of a PR agency based in London, Muddassar Ahmed, first came up with the idea after seeing unethical practices by and lack of governance over practitioners in positions of religious leadership.

Developed by a team of Muslim communications experts, business leaders, and technologists based in Brussels, London, Kuala Lumpur, and Washington DC, our goal is to provide an excellent and comfortable service for our users. Thus, we at ImamConnect will ensure due diligence is taking place.

Muddassar also added that “This platform offers an innovative way for Muslim services and Muslim practitioner-led support to be connected with millions of people around the world in a way that ensures transparency.

The platform represents a step-change in harnessing the power of information technology to offer the community transparency, due diligence, accountability, and digital efficiency in the delivery of Islamic-based services at the push of a search button.”

Not only Service Providers at ImamConnect provide personal consultation, they too participate in workshops and events organized by ImamConnect like:

i) Book A Personal Storyteller Promo (October 2020)

In celebrating the Prophet (PBUH) birth month, ImamConnect organized “Book A Personal Storyteller Promo” with a promotional rate applied when a user book a Service Provider specialized in Seerah & Storytelling for a personalized, homebound storytelling event. We connect our global Service Providers such as Naielah Ackbarali (Jordan), Abdul Rahman (Canada), Jumana Moon (UK), Ustadha Wan Nadia (Singapore) and Tricia Pethic (USA) to celebrate this memorable event by conducting this event with our users.

ii) Ramadan Preparation Course (April 2021)

In a full-day intensive seminar format, we had 4 Service Providers such as Imam Mohammad Hammad (UK), Zainab Ismail (UK), Imam Dr Tarek Elgawhary (USA), and Imam Ahmed Deeb (USA) who are experts in the field like health & nutrition, Fiqh of Ramadan, and the Qur’an & Hadith. They provided their inputs on rules of fasting, Qur’an chapter reflections, health & mindfulness, and keeping the spirit of Ramadan alive beyond the month. The course is designed for Muslims of all ages and backgrounds.

iii) Managing Children’s Digital Addiction (August 2021)

The issue in regards to digital addiction among children is alarming. ImamConnect conducts a 3 hours interactive workshop for parents to learn from Nabila Hoda (UK), a certified parent and child coach, in tackling this issue. Topics such as establishing boundaries and learning how to enforce them, and establishing healthy social skills off the internet.

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