25 Apr 2024

How to reignite your excitement for Ramadan

How to reignite your excitement for Ramadan


How to reignite your excitement for Ramadan

With Ramadan only two weeks away, you may find yourself preparing for the month in a routinely manner.

Instead of feeling excited, you may be thinking of the inconveniences of waking up, how this will coincide with work and other first world integration hiccups.

Ramadan isn’t just about clocking in for the fast. It’s about connecting your spirit to your actions. If you find yourself mentally unprepared for Ramadan, or you’re not feeling too excited about it, here are a few things you can do to reinvigorate your spirit and get fully prepared for the holy month.

Make it exciting

Being caught up in this Dunya can make it easy to forget the excitement of fasting. Ramadan isn’t something we should monotonously engage in. Making every effort to make Ramadan prep exciting can get your spirit in the mood for the holy month. Get your Ramadan chocolate calendars ready, decorate your house and sit down with your family for a samosa rolling marathon. If you have kids, get them involved too!

If you live alone or don’t have others to engage with in preparation for Ramadan, there are still things you can do to make it exciting. See what communities/mosques are around you and plan iftaar parties. Create your own Ramadan journal and note down your wins and achievements throughout the month.

Set your intentions

What do you want out of this Ramadan? Having a spiritual goal and reflecting on what you want out of the month is a great motivator. Whether that’s working towards stopping a bad habit or beginning new ones, set your intentions clearly and commit to them.

Get involved in your local community

Ramadan isn’t just about fasting, it’s about coming together as an Ummah and spending time as a community. This means taking a step away from our busy lives and making a conscious effort to connect with others around us. Whether this is being more present within your own family, spending more time at your local masjid or engaging in charity work, all of it is valuable.

Get ready to slow down

Life is busy. We’re constantly filling our time with things, whether it be eating, working or socialising. When we have free time we tend to fill it with mindless activities like scrolling through social media or watching TV.

There are so many high-dopamine activities and distractions being fired at us in our day to day. Ramadan is designed to slow us down and give us more time to engage in more meaningful activities such as ibadah, thankfulness and community.

Get ready for a change in routine

Routines are comfortable, and often times when there’s a disruption we see it as an inconvenience. Instead of dreading this change, try and think how you can implement your lifestyle into your new routine.

Try and think of the positives; you may have more time to read the Quran or you may be able to finally go for those morning walks you’ve been wanting to do all year.

Perspective is very important; if you view your glass as half empty then you will only see the negatives and inconveniences of life.

Remember Ramadan is a time of mindfulness, connecting with God and thankfulness. Having a positive mindset and accepting the change with an open heart will make all the difference.

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