24 Jun 2024

How to increase your Quran reading speed?

How to increase your Quran reading speed?


Atif Hussain
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How to increase your Quran reading speed?

Looking to increase Quran reading speed? First, you need to understand deeply about the reading of the Holy Quran. Additionally, understand all the important factors regarding the Holy recitation. Once you have a powerful command, then you can read the Holy Quran with more fluency.

Increase Quran Reading Speed

Most importantly, you need to understand that the Holy Quran is the book of Allah. There are unlimited rewards regarding the recitation of the Holy Quran however better proficiency and accuracy are necessary regarding the recitation of the Holy Quran. Of course, it important to read the Holy Quran perfectly and soon you can build better speed and proficiency.

“A hadith in Al-Tirmizi says “Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah will have a reward. And that reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that ‘Alif, Laam, Meem’ is one letter, rather ‘Alif’ is a letter, ‘Laam’ is a letter and ‘Meem’ is a letter.”

How To Increase The Holy Quran Speed?

You can read and recite the Holy Quran more perfectly after working on these factors. In this way, you can also read the Holy Quran with more fluency. There is too much reward regarding learning and recitation of the Holy Quran.

“The best of you are the ones who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others”[Al-Bukhari].

Basic Chapters

We base the Holy Quran reading on its basic alphabets. Surely, you need to improve your basic chapters to build a strong and better command of every alphabet. Once, you have fluency in the basic Arabic alphabets with tajweed, you can surely read and recite the Holy Quran with better speed control.

In the basic chapters, you will learn multiple important things about basic grammar, word association, and multiple other important elements that help you in better Holy Quran reading.

Arabic Grammar 

Every language depends mainly on its grammar. It defined the rules and regulations about the language too. Above all, it’s a basic scale to evaluate the proficiency and accuracy of every language. Additionally, also assist in better word pronunciation and accurate meaning too.

To get complete command and fluency in the Arabic language, we must need to work on basic to advanced grammar. In fact, it plays the most important role in the development and construction of any business.

Arabic Words Association

The Holy Quran is originally in the Arabic language. It’s highly important to understand the wording sense of the Holy Quran. All the verses comprise different Arabic words association. Consequently, you just need to understand the different word associations for fluent reading.

You need to understand the sense of these words association. In this way, you can build a powerful memory regarding multiple Arabic words that come again and again. Fluency in these Arabic words increases your speed of reading and recitation too.

Small Chapters

Holy Quran comprises 114 chapters. Besides, all these chapters are unique with a lot of value. We must also divide our learning process according to our convenience based on different chapters. There are certain chapters in the Holy Quran which are short and easy to recite and memorable too.

Besides, there are many chapters at the beginning of the Holy Quran which are lengthy. Additionally, it’s better to learn the Holy Quran with brief chapters. It also encourages you as a student to learn the Holy Quran with more dedication.

Holy Quran is our fundamental religious book. Unquestionably, it’s most important for Muslims. Above all, there is a lot of reward for reading and recitation of the Holy Quran.


It’s the most important part that adds proficiency, accuracy, and beauty in the recitation of the Holy Quran. It’s a proper procedure and pattern of reading and recitation of the Holy Quran. Tajweed comprises Arabic linguistic grammar, pronunciation, and multiple other factors that help you read the Holy Quran with accuracy.

Reading the Holy Quran with tajweed improves your proficiency. Make sure you first learn to read the Holy Quran with tajweed.


Holy Quran is not limited up to theoretical books. In fact, it’s a practical book that contains immense knowledge about everything in this world and the afterworld. Above all, it’s important to understand the Holy Quran through translation.

The following are some benefits of understanding the recitation of the Holy Quran.

  • Better Knowledge
  • Practical Implementation
  • Understand of Islam
  • Helpful in reading and recitation
  • Convenient for memorizing
  • Reward After Death
  • Guide Others About Islam


Fast Holy Quran reading dependent a lot on your concentration. Make sure you recite the Holy Quran with concentration. Holy Quran is in Arabic, which is an unfamiliar language. Certainly, you need to be more focused so that you can increase Quran reading speed easily.


Every learning can be perfect through practice. If you want to build good recitation fluency, you need to practice recitation again and again. You can practice this recitation with your teacher or any family member.

You can be very good after practice. In fact, you can also read the Holy Quran with more fluency and accuracy. Most importantly, make your habit of daily recitation. You can also practice your lessons in five regular prayers.  


It helps you increase your reading flow and fluency too. Highly important for beautiful recitation. You can control your intonation to start or stop your voice and change your voice tone to create a good recitation flow.

Follow Other Reciters

Last, perfection takes time and a lot of practice however by following the top reciters. There are many beautiful reciters in the world. In fact, many reciters are specifically connected with the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Follow these beautiful voices regularly and try to build your accordingly fast and accurate recitation.

Final Verdict

There are too many benefits of Holy Quran recitation and learning. Make sure you learn and practice and ensure accuracy and proficiency too. You can practice the above-mentioned points to create a good speed and flow in your Holy Quran recitation.Follow the above practices and increase Quran reading speed.

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