29 May 2024

How to Find Your Purpose as a Muslim

How to Find Your Purpose as a Muslim


Faisal Amjad
Faisal Amjad is a serial entrepreneur and founder, with previous start-ups in the EdTech and Smart Home space. He is hugely passionate about knowing yourself, finding your purpose and lifelong learning which he helps people with through his non-profit, KNOW. He writes about purpose, polymathy and fulfilling one's potential.

How to Find Your Purpose as a Muslim

Sounds like a big promise. How exactly does this project do each of those things?

  1. KNOW Your Purpose — this stage covers the overall human (macro) purpose through helping people understand our origin story, gather meaning behind why we have been placed on this Earth, provide context for why we are told to do the things we do and why sometimes bad things may happen to us as part of the journey.

What are the benefits of understanding one’s purpose, anyway?

Why did you choose to create something like this?

What makes you credible to be able to teach this subject?

What do others say?

So, in summary, you’re saying…

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