13 Jun 2024

Here are five ways to change your life with the Qur’an

Here are five ways to change your life with the Qur’an


Atif Hussain
Atif Hussain works as a Publishing manager for a leading Islamic publisher. With a background in teaching and education, Atif has a passion for inspiring the next generation of Muslims to become good role models in society.

Here are five ways to change your life with the Qur’an

You may feel a little confused when listening to or reading about people talking about their Iman highs and lows and how it has changed their life for the better.

I mean, you believe in God, and you believe He created the Earth and the World in His Power, and everything therein. But believing is one thing, and feeling associated with worship, as well as the Quran, is another story. You know the value of the Quran, but you are unable to communicate with it and relate on a profoundly personal level.

People expect an immediate and mystical link to the Quran, and this link will get them through thick and thin, and last forever. People are talking about it in this day and age as though you either have a bond or you don’t, and this sadly makes many of us feel excluded or guilty as we go through ‘Iman lows’ times.

Companions of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) were absolutely honest about their highs and lows. The Prophet (PBUH) not only told them that this is natural, he also spoke of having to continuously interact with the Quran to understand it.

Here are a few tips to that can help you create a connection with the Quran and fall in love with the Holy Book.

1) Pick up the Quran!

This is the first move but it’s also the most challenging for many! Remove it from your bookshelf, wipe the dust, and keep it visible. Accustom yourself once again to the feeling of the Quran in your hands, and seeing it close by. You are more likely to pick it up and read if it is visible to you.

2) Start reading

Start with either a couple of verses or just half a page if you need to, but make sure you read every day. Know, consistency is the secret to creating a habit.

A daily scheduled period is highly recommended and effective (e.g. after Fajr, Maghrib or Isha prayer), or just as you sit down and are about to turn on the TV or pick up your phone, pick up the Quran for a few minutes instead and read. If you’re not ritually pure (i.e., you don’t have wudu), instead use an app.

3) Learn Tajweed

The Quran is a book that is intended to be recited alongside reading and thinking. Strive intentionally to learn tajweed (pronunciation rules) by enrolling in courses, following a tutor or watching videos. Give it a try! It will start pretty hard but you will enjoy the beauty of reading with time.

4) Study Tafseer

The Quran is God’s word and it goes without saying that the words of God are extremely profound and eternal, so knowing them involves looking into the meaning behind the words a little deeper.

Whether you’re joining a local study group or watching tafsir videos online, it’s really worth looking into. For the reasons why the verses were revealed, you can get an understanding of the historical context, as well as the rulings that came with them. Not only can it help you understand why the scriptures say what they’re saying, but also how they can apply to your own life.

5) Download an app

It can be hard to find a moment to sit down and open a physical copy of the Quran, as we’re always on the go. That should not be an excuse to miss reading a few verses a day.

Find an app that you are satisfied with to listen to the Quran on, put it on the home screen of your device and use your day’s spare moments to open the app and read or listen to it.

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