25 Apr 2024

French TV Star Marine el Himar reverts to Islam

French TV Star Marine el Himar reverts to Islam


French TV Star Marine el Himar reverts to Islam

Marine el Himar, French model and TV star, announced her conversion to Islam last Thursday.

She stated these are the ‘happiest days’ of her life.

These were followed by hijab-clad pictures of her in Makkah.

French media reported that Himer grew up with her stepfather, and research about her biological father’s origins is where she met Islam.

The popular influencer also thanked her followers for their support and kindness.

She revealed her conversion to Islam on Instagram, with the following caption;

There are roads you have to take alone. No friends, no family, no partner Just you and Allah.

‘Some of you may know but many are still wondering, and although I’m quite reserved, I never made it official, I converted to Islam months ago.

‘Those who follow my daily life know (I may not be teaching you anything), but what is certain is the importance of sharing this intimate and personal part of me with those I now consider second. Family : YOU !

‘It was a choice of soul, heart and reason, a choice that was evident to me and I freely and proudly practice.

‘Know this, and this is the bottom of my message, there is no shame in converting to another religion of any kind.

‘This is a fundamental right that everyone should be able to exercise freely.

‘Many have noticed, this past year has been marked by change.

‘Indeed, I have evolved a lot, reviewed my sense of priorities and rethought some life choices whether professional or personal.

‘Thank you to everyone that appreciates or at least respects it.’

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