29 May 2024

Freelance Academic Writing

Freelance Academic Writing


Dr Amjad Aziz
Dr Amjad Aziz is responsible for some of the Q&A. He has obtained an Alim degree from Darul Aloom Muhamaadia Ghosia and BA from Punjab University. He has worked as a research scholar in Zavia Publications and produced books on Sufism. His speciality is in Islamic sciences education literature Sufism philosophy history and dawah.

Freelance Academic Writing

~ Question ~

Is freelancing in academic writing haram? I have been doing academic writing for a while now and I have been thinking about it, I even quit for a while. So, please let me know, is getting paid for doing someone’s assignments and courses okay? Is the money halal? I mean we are, technically, deceiving the professors though. I want to resume it but I’m not sure, please let me know?

~ Answer ~

It is Haram. In Islam to write someone’s assignments for them to present it with his/her name for a degree or money is not Halal.

If someone writes his/her own assignment and you proofread it, correct mistakes and help with referencing, etc. and then get paid for it, then its permissible.

Allah knows best

Imam Amjad Al-Azhari

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