18 Jun 2024

Forced marriages; what does Islam say?

Forced marriages; what does Islam say?


Forced marriages; what does Islam say?

The right of a girl to marry is denied in some cultures. Although educated men and women now discuss marriage at home, women may still be discouraged from doing so in some societies. In these societies, parents may arrange for their children to marry.

Did you know that in Islam, a woman’s opinion on marriage is taken into consideration? Is it legal for parents to force their children to marry? Unfortunately, many people misunderstand religion, and some parents believe they have the right to marry their children to whoever they want without their consent. Is this even considered Islamic? No.

Is there a concept of forced marriage in Islam?

Sadly, many people are denied the right to marry. Parents in many regions of the world simply inform their children that the wedding will take place on that particular day. This is not anything that Islam teaches us. “Do women have a say in Islamic marriages?” is a common question. Women in Islam have the right to consent to marriage. In fact, without the agreement of a woman, the marriage is void.

Parents are unable to marry their daughters without her permission. Parents should find out if their daughters have given their agreement to the marriage and follow the example of the Holy Prophet. Ali (RA) proposed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who wanted to marry his daughter Fatima.

He declined the offer and just stated, “In Sha Allah” (if God wills). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then met his daughter Fatima (RA) and reviewed her proposition with her before asking for her permission. The Prophet (PBUH) accepted Ali’s (RA) offer after accepting the offer. This demonstrates how critical it is to get a daughter’s opinion on marriage.

Islam gives women the right to consent to marriage. In fact, the marriage is not valid without a woman’s consent. 

What does The Majestic Quran say about forced marriages:

Believers, it is not lawful for you to inherit women against their will, nor to prevent them from marrying so that you may make off with part of what you have given them, that is unless they have committed a clear act of gross indecency. Live with them in a good way. If you hate them, it may be that you hate something in which Allah has placed much goodness. 

What is the best way of marrying for love?

Islam grants you the right to consent to marriage whether you are a woman or a man. Parents cannot compel their children to marry under Islam. As a result, you’ll be able to marry the person you choose. If you’re a Muslim, here’s how you can marry someone of your choosing.

To get to know the other person, it’s crucial to assess compatibility and ask questions about them. This should be done to avoid hastily marrying the wrong person. If you want to marry the right person, you need to be aware of certain parameters. So decide whether or not the other individual is suited for you. After you’ve completed this stage, immediately ask the other person if he wants to marry you or not. If the other person agrees to marry you, ask the parents for their thoughts.

Why are some parents against love marriages?

Why are some parents refusing to allow their daughters to use this freedom since Islam grants women the ability to marry anyone? This could be due to a number of factors. One cause could be their mindset, as they may mistakenly regard their daughters as “property,” preventing them from asserting their rights.

Other parents are uninformed about Islam and are unaware of the privileges granted to women by the religion. Studying the Quran is the best approach to deal with this. As a result, you will not only be aware of your rights as a woman, but you will also be able to persuade your parents of your rights based on Islamic principles.

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