24 Jul 2024

Fernwood Primary school visits Muslim Cultural Centre

Fernwood Primary school visits Muslim Cultural Centre


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Muskaan Jamsheid is a graduate in psychology. She is the project coordinator for HumanKind and also the editor for Invitation Magazine.Outside of work, she enjoys fitness, reading and cooking.

Fernwood Primary school visits Muslim Cultural Centre

On March 20th, 2023, Fernwood Primary School embarked on an unforgettable journey to the Muslim Cultural Centre in Wollaton. Over 150 children, accompanied by their dedicated teaching and support staff, explored the rich cultural traditions of Islam.

The highlight of the trip was an interactive tour of the mosque, where the pupils had the opportunity to ask insightful questions about Ramadan. With so many misconceptions surrounding this sacred month, this was a fantastic way to educate young minds and foster a deeper understanding of Islamic practices.

At the Muslim Cultural Centre, the pupils and staff were warmly welcomed into a safe and nurturing environment, where they could ask any question about Islam. From the significance of Ramadan to the principles of Islam, the children left with a newfound appreciation for this beautiful religion.

Visiting the mosque offers a unique opportunity for young people to explore the beliefs, practices, and traditions of Muslims, fostering empathy and respect for diverse cultural backgrounds. By breaking down stereotypes and dispelling misconceptions, students can gain a deeper understanding of the Islamic faith and develop a sense of appreciation for its beauty and richness.

Not only does a visit to the mosque provide a space for young people to interact with Muslims and learn about their experiences, but it also promotes a greater sense of harmony and acceptance in our diverse world. By taking this crucial step towards cultural understanding, students can become ambassadors of peace and unity in their communities.

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