25 Apr 2024

Event Coverage: Muslim Shopping Festival 2022

Event Coverage: Muslim Shopping Festival 2022


Event Coverage: Muslim Shopping Festival 2022

It was great to see so many people support Muslim owned businesses and celebrate the beauty of Islam at the Muslim Shopping Festival 2022.

There was a range of innovative products, cookery demonstrations, delicious food, a wellness stage and of course, the fashion show! Whilst there were so many amazing causes and products at the Festival, here is a roundup of some stalls I visited at Excel this weekend.

Luxe Oud

With their logo taking inspiration from the Agarwood tree in which Oud is extracted, Luxe Oud is a one stop shop for good quality smells. Particularly, the Vanilla Musk and Amber Oud captivated me and I couldn’t resist adding them to my collection.

Holy Land Dates

Holy Land dates are a body of lawyers, doctors and working professionals that have come together to bring a little bit of Palestine to England. They do this by selling Palestinian dates (hence the name) and now offer a variety of other products like herbs and spices, olive oil products and Nablusi soap. The amazing thing about this brand is that 50% of profits are donated back into the Palestinian community. They have recently expanded into clothing in order to raise awareness for Palestine, and I picked up a Palestine T-shirt whilst visiting the stall. It felt good knowing half of the money I paid was going back into the Palestinian community.

To check out their range of products you can check out their website here.

Lara Faye

Lara Faye are a quality makeup tool brand, selling brushes and beauty blenders. They were featured in the Independent for being a top brand for beauty newbies and aspiring MUA’s alike. I picked up some brushes over the weekend and I have to say they are so soft and are definitely worth it.

The Majestic Quran

If you’re in need of an English translation of the Quran, look no further. Translated by Dr Musharraf, the Majestic Quran was translated with the intention of making it easy for the reader to understand the contents of the Quran in plain English. As well as this, each Surah has an introduction that describes why and when the Surah was revealed. Pick up your copy here.

Safari MMA

Whilst Safari were at the Muslim shopping festival selling their modest clothing and sportswear, there’s much more behind this company than fabric and cotton! Safari MMA was started by Khadija, who opened the first women’s martial arts club in England. Her motivation behind this was she couldn’t find a Martial Arts class that catered to her needs, so she started one that did. Safari MMA now have classes in London, Birmingham and Milton Keynes for women and children. If you were lucky enough to catch Khadija at the Wellness stage, she gave a live demonstration of self-defence.

Eid Party

Eid Party are your one stop shop for Ramadan and Eid décor! If you’re looking for event decorations or just want an excuse to buy trinkets for your house, now you’ve found it.

The Pharmacist Beauty

Amina quit her day job as a Pharmacist to formulate her own skin care brand, and thus, the Pharmacist Beauty was born. The proof is in the pudding – she shares her own results on social media.

Her products have proven reviews to treat things such as hormonal acne, keratosis pilaris and hyperpigmentation. All the products are organic, free from sulphates, parabens, drying alcohols, silicones, artificial fragrances and dyes. They are also cruelty free, halal and vegan as well as unisex.


I’ve helped so many acne, congestion & pigmentation sufferers like myself. Link in bio for more info✨ #acne #skincare #acnescars #needtoknow #viral

♬ original sound – The Pharmacist Beauty

Nimah London

As someone whose a sucker for jewellery, I couldn’t leave Nimah London without buying something. They had a range of customisable necklaces, ranging from Arabic letters, name engravings and Arabic words, as well as some cute rings. What I love about this brand is they have gratitude at the foundation of their ethos. I left with a lovely gold plated necklace with ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ, so I can have a physical representation of alhamdulillah, always. Visit their shop here.


Duck are a Malaysian modest brand bringing the girlies a variety of cute accessories, bags and easy wear hijabs! Out of curiosity we asked why the brand was called Duck, and it’s because Ducks stay together as a family (I’m not crying, you are).

Check out their range of products, from hijabs to jumpers, stationary to makeup, Baskin Robins to Monopoly collabs, they’ve truly got it all covered.

Print Arabic

Print Arabic specialise in customisable prints, either in English or Arabic. They had such a variety of designs and frames, and the customisation possibilities were truly endless. As a bonus the staff were so friendly and were great to speak to!

It was so nice connecting with stall owners and shoppers alike. I wish I could’ve included everyone I crossed paths with in this article. Everyone was so friendly and I had a great time speaking to an amalgamation of likeminded people.

See you next year for the Muslim Shopping Festival 2023, Inshallah!

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