20 May 2024

Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka causes Growing Concerns

Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka causes Growing Concerns


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Fadumo Abdulqadir is the Reporting Officer at Muslim Hands. In her spare time, she loves to research for women throughout history that have been forgotten for her historical women's Instagram Page.

Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka causes Growing Concerns

Children are desperately trying to navigate through the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.

As the economic crisis continues to be felt across Sri Lanka, the poorest and most vulnerable girls and boys are paying the price.

Seventeen-year-old Fathima Zeenathul is one of the youths facing the financial crisis severity.

As an orphan, she is witnessing everything without the shield of protection from her family.

According to the UN, “almost half of the children in Sri Lanka already require emergency assistance. The education of 4.8 million children, already severely hampered by two years of interrupted learning, is at risk as school attendance continues to be jeopardized.”

As a grade student, Fathima dreams of resuming her education, but she currently does not have the means to continue past secondary school.

However, her current priority is the health and well-being of her mother. Throughout her life, Fathima faced her fair share of hardship.

Pictured: Fathima

At an early age, her father became paralysed and couldn’t work. At that time, her mother was the breadwinner, and she became her husband’s primary carer.

Sadly, her father passed away in 2013. To make matters worse, her mother recently underwent two surgeries on her stomach and breast.

While many families must contend with the economic instability and rising food cost, families across Sri Lanka skip regular meals to make ends meet.

Children are going to bed hungry, unsure of where their next meal will come from. Fathima and her family also worry about where they will get the money to purchase medicine for their mother.

Fathima said, “It is tough to explain our situation. First, my father left us, and then my mother underwent two major surgeries.

“She struggled to take care of us. Our biggest worry is money and getting medicine for my mother.

“I am grateful for the help I have received from Muslim Hands; we wouldn’t have survived without the donor’s generosity.”

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