23 May 2024

Dr Mariam Ansari – India’s first Muslim neurosurgeon

Dr Mariam Ansari – India’s first Muslim neurosurgeon


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Dr Mariam Ansari – India’s first Muslim neurosurgeon

Dr Mariam Afifa Ansari’s dreams of being a doctor became a reality this year, as she became India’s first Muslim neurosurgeon. 

Having been educated in Urdu medium schools till the 10th class, Mariam has left many amazed with her consistent successes. Mariam took her primary education from an Urdu medium school in Malegaon. After that, she came to Hyderabad.

Mariam did MBBS from Osmania Medical College and then obtained a master’s degree in general surgery from the same college, said the state president of MSO Maharashtra.

Mariam Afifa Ansari always dreamed of becoming a doctor, and this dream of hers became a reality when she secured 137th rank in the All India NEET exam in 2020.

Mariam said, “Now I have become Dr Afifa from Miss Afifa and my dream of wearing a white coat and examining patients with a stethoscope has come true”.

My success is a gift from Allah and now a responsibility,” she added.

Mariam said that she would try to serve the community through her profession. Giving a message to Muslim girls, she said;

Don’t give up, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, prove them wrong, by getting it.”

Mariam’s mother is a single mother and a teacher. She is proud of her daughter. Apart from studies, Mariam also excels in painting, calligraphy and Islamic teaching.

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