25 Apr 2024

Don’t worry! Learn to overcome it

Don’t worry! Learn to overcome it


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Dr Musharraf Hussain is an Islamic scholar, CEO of Karimia Institute, and senior trustee of Muslim Hands. Formerly he was the chairman of the Christian Muslim forum (2008-2010), vice chair of the Association of Muslim Schools (2000-2003). He trained and worked as a research scientist before becoming a fulltime Imam and teacher. He has authored over 30 books.

Don’t worry! Learn to overcome it

In this article, I want to share with you tips that will help you better understand worry, what causes it and how you can defeat it. The Arabic word ‘hala’ means to fret, to be distressed, worried, bitter, and indignant because of a difficult circumstance, it leads to anxiety or unease, causing the mind to get stuck in a trouble and eventually produces a disturbed state of mind. The Messenger (PBUH) warned against it when he said: “the most dangerous evil in man is the greed of a fretful and the cowardice of a morally depraved person” (Abu Dawud). Signs of serious worrying include: sleep problems, strange dreams, headache; feeling anxious or nervous; pain, weakness, yawning, tired feeling; upset stomach, loss of appetite, diarrhea; dry mouth, and hot flashes.

Psychologists have shown that most of the time your worrying is unnecessary:

  • 40% of the things we worry about never happen
  • 30% happened in the past so you can’t do anything about
  • 12% involve the affairs of others none of your business.
  • 10% relate to sickness, real or imagined
  • 8% of the things you worry about are likely to happen!

So, there’s a 92% chance that you’re worrying about something that will never happen to you. Here is what the glorious Quran tells us about this risky human condition: “Man was created anxious, he is fretful in tough times, miserly in good times, but not those who pray continuously; who give a due share of their wealth to beggars and needy; who believe in the day of judgment and fear the punishment of their Lord…they will be honoured in the gardens of bliss” (Maarij: 19-35).

Here are some likely causes of your worries:

  1. Disobeying Allah. Sin is like a fishbone in your throat or like a stone in your trainers; you’ll have no peace until you get it out. The doctor can’t heal it with Prozac, nor a long holiday on paradise island can help. Just repent!
  2. Comparisons with others. Constantly comparing yourself to others will depress you, Stop being judgemental! the Messenger said, “look at those who are less than you in worldly wealth” 
  3. Speaking negatively. “Ruined is the critic and slanderer” (Humaza:1)
  4. Being Unforgiving.  When you refuse to forgive someone, you carry the resentment in your heart like a millstone around your neck. 
  5. Greed, the desire for more and more worldly wealth

So, stop worrying now, do what the Majestic Quran advises; “Believers seek Allah’s help with prayer and patience.” (Baqara:134) God gives us hope. So, be steadfast no matter what you’re going through right now, carry on until you see the morning. After every dark night morning breaks, it always comes. Following each setback, betrayal, and denial – the morning will surely break. Have firm faith in the loving caring Lord. It’s a new day, so make up your mind to enjoy it!

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