18 Jun 2024

Bring Zakat back to where you live!

Bring Zakat back to where you live!


Atif Hussain
Atif Hussain works as a Publishing manager for a leading Islamic publisher. With a background in teaching and education, Atif has a passion for inspiring the next generation of Muslims to become good role models in society.

Bring Zakat back to where you live!

Zakat, is the third pillar of Islam. Each of the pillars of Islam is vital but none more so than Zakat. It contributes to growth, development and strengthening our Deen and relationship with Allah. 

Zakat is about growth, it grows us in our faith, it grows us in our purity, and our moral, social, spiritual development. It purifies us. 

If you have £3500 or more in your savings, it is obligatory to give 2.5% as Zakat to the causes of Allah and the causes of Islam.

Zakat is not considered a favor that is given to the poor by the rich. It is the right of the poor on the wealth of the rich and it has a lot of benefits such as:

  • It purifies your wealth as Allah says in the Qur’an:
  • It keeps one away from sin and saves the giver from the moral ill arising from the love and greed of wealth.
  • Through Zakat, the poor are cared for; these include widows, orphans, the disabled, the needy and the destitute.

The projects that your Zakat will support  

People these days donate their Zakat to charities who donate their money to impoverished countries like Palestine, Syria etc. while that is a good step, there are important issues within the Muslim community in the UK that require public attention and donations.

Karimia  Institute is addressing this as their number one priority this year Insha’Allah. All  Zakat  collected will support projects which will support future generations of Muslims and ensure that their  Deen  is at the heart of everything they do. 

The following projects of utmost importance and those that will be developed to ensure that future Islamic leaders are from within the community are:

1. Dawah 

The word Dawah generally means “calling people towards Allah” for daily congregation in our Mosques. This includes:

  • Weekly Quran study circles, online webinars to spread the light of Islam through the Majestic Quran
  • Dawah webinars such as Tafseerul Quran classes
  • Weekly translation of the Quran in Urdu

2. The New Muslims Project  

  • Offer support to integrate New Muslims integrate them into the Muslim community
  • Weekly Quran classes for revert brothers and sisters
  • Spiritual and moral support through Ramadan (providing Iftars etc.)
  • Financial support for those facing hardships

3. The Trust Building Forum 

  • Eradicating Islamophobia within the communities through educational programmes 
  • Promoting trust amongst British Muslims and the wider society
  • Share British values of mutual respect and liberty amongst Muslims
  • Arranging workshops that promote love for neighbours through sharing the message of Islam

4. Teachers and Imams Training 

  • Sourcing high capacity teachers and teaching character development, furthermore, there is a dire need for Imams and teachers who can work in the community.   
  • Teaching Quranic studies, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic language and grammar and theology 
  • History of Islam along with contemporary issues, which relate to religious sciences like Fiqh of minority
  • Leadership in Islam in Britain, Interfaith Dialogue and Tassawuf 

Make a difference today 

Do not let your third Pillar of Islam weaken make you Zakat donation today by visiting: https://www.kifaayah.org/campaigns/karimia-zakat/

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