24 Jul 2024

Associate Editor Vacancies

If you believe you have got what it takes to join our team and have a genuine desire to make a real difference to the state of the UK Muslim community, we want to hear from you.

Associate Editors Vacancy

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The invitation is an online magazine by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Our purpose is summed up by the words of Allah “invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching.” (Al-Nahl: 125)

The invitation is a unique blend of Quranic knowledge and the beautiful and practical way of our blessed master Muhammad peace be upon him. Our aim is to help the Muslim community young and old to learn the spiritual and moral teachings of Islam. We focus on the essence of Islam: peace, trust among communities and personal and moral development of the individual and the family. This is our invitation, open to all humanity.

We are looking for people to write positive stories about the Muslim communities in the UK. This is to build their confidence and highlight their achievements. We want to celebrate the accomplishments of our doctors, teachers, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, civil servants and social workers.

With social media, we have great opportunities to spread the positive, health-giving, and compassion filled message of Islam. We can help readers to align themselves with the divine purpose of life and help them to understand the meaning of their probationary period on earth; we can enrich them with personal moral values of compassion, honesty and patience these are values that will make them resilient to stress and the scourge of corruption. The spiritual values of mindfulness: being aware of our Creator and always thinking of the day of judgement will prevent them from going astray and following their whims. These are times of great opportunities and transformation; we have an opportunity to share the life-giving message of the beloved master Muhammad may peace and blessings be upon him. So, how can we help to elevate humanity? 

We are obliged to help humanity, and this is time of need. Our society has chronic depression, distress, broken families and broken lives; so, people of faith must come out of their cloisters. Rescue the ailing and the sick humanity. Don’t forget the climate emergency; rising sea levels; deforestation; wildfires; desertification. Now you can see the scope of our work to help humanity and to save the planet. People trust God, the word of the Quran and the teachings of our beloved messenger; they want examples from the lives of the great sages and saints of Islam. So, let’s spread these effective teachings to the hungry billions.

Diversity, pluralism and differences among humanity are great assets that we need to share we should be tolerant of others.  With so much fake news and propaganda that splits communities and nations, we must do our best to heal those wounds and to make people more tolerant of one another and to share our similarities. Invitation magazine is about sharing the similarities of beauty, the goodness of human nature and the possibilities of creating a compassionate and loving world. We have a thousand and one stories to tell from the Quran and the traditions of our beloved messenger.

The Advisory Board of the Invitation magazine

Comprises of the Editor In-Chief; the Managing Editor; the Editor and the Associate Editors

This is a team of experts and workers from different fields: Islamic studies, community, science, medicine, sisters, poetry, sports. They will Promote the magazine in their field, family and friends. Assist the editor in decision making over issues such as plagiarism, relevance and quality of the articles.

We have vacancies for Associate Editors (AE)

The AE will also be a member of the advisory board whose primary function is writing and commissioning regular articles for their section, commenting on special issues, and reviewing submitted articles.

The advisory board will evaluate the performance of the managing editor, the editor and the associate editors. They will also look at long-term planning for the magazine and discuss special features and financial/budgeting issues.

Apply Today

If you believe you have got what it takes to be an Associate Editor and have a genuine desire to make a real difference to the state of the UK Muslim community, we want to hear from you. Please see the job description here.

To join our team, contact us today by email at editor@invitation-magazine.org