29 May 2024

“Allah Hates Me”

“Allah Hates Me”


Dr Amjad Aziz
Dr Amjad Aziz is responsible for some of the Q&A. He has obtained an Alim degree from Darul Aloom Muhamaadia Ghosia and BA from Punjab University. He has worked as a research scholar in Zavia Publications and produced books on Sufism. His speciality is in Islamic sciences education literature Sufism philosophy history and dawah.

“Allah Hates Me”

~ Question ~

I am not a very good Muslim, but I try my best to change my ways and pray. Although every time I pray to Allah things get worse than they were before. In fact whenever I ask Him for something, even if it is for something small things he makes me squirm for it. Never have I ever witnessed a miracle. I have been pleading and begging him for the basic life needs and he keeps on making my life more and more miserable.

This test never ends, I know I will never rebel against him but I cannot take it anymore. How can I convince Allah to please let me go and to put an end to my sufferings or to forgive me for the sins that I am being punished for? I just want a simple life. How do I convince him to not hate me anymore?

~ Answer ~

If you think life is a bed of roses then you are wrong. If you think it’s only you who is suffering from an issue or issues then you are in the wrong. You won’t find anyone in this world who is living without any kind of sadness or emptiness.

Sadness and suffering is not the end of life as there is another side of life. The side to show compassion, love and devotion. There are numerous rewards of being a person who does not live to “take” but to “give”. So be generous and things will start working for you, In’Sha’Allah.

If you go looking, you will find out that even the person who appears to be the happiest is going through a lot of things beneath their happy exterior.

Remember, our suffering will never end until our last breath.

We are from Him and to Him, we shall return.

Allah knows best

Imam Amjad Aziz Al-Azhari

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