25 Apr 2024

A letter to Muslim students

A letter to Muslim students


A letter to Muslim students

As a Muslim student, I’ve always wondered why my fellow friends spend their leisure time in nightclubs.

Flocking in large numbers, wearing extravagant costumes and behaving like they have been liberated from the mind-oppressing, passive-sitting, finger-tapping experience…which I call a lecture!

I remember in my first year, a girl asked me to go clubbing with her, to which I pointed out that this is not something Muslims engage in. However, she justified her invitation, stating that her Muslim friends join her in drinking, smoking and clubbing – I soon realised that this problem is more significant than I thought.

For some Muslims, they don’t feel guilty about engaging in such forbidden activities. For others, however, this is a battle they face every day.

The constant urge to conform with the majority is like resisting a creamy, luxurious cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s morning.

Who would want to turn that down?

But this seemingly arduous battle can be fought with the mighty power of Imaan!

The Qur’an illustrates how human beings are created with flaws, desires and weaknesses, but it also gives us another message: to strive and struggle for the sake of Allah. For Muslims, life is a test.

This isn’t our home; in the words of our Prophet (PBUH), it is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the non-believer (Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2956).

So, if you’re faced with a similar situation that I was once in, always ask yourself this question: is it worth it? Is this worth your precious time if the euphoria wears off within seconds? Will this be a situation that I may never be able to escape? Will it help you gain anything?

Personally, I’ve always reminded myself of why Islam has barred us from certain things; why Islam has committed to building our character of moral virtues, such as modesty.

The answer is simple: to protect us from the painful punishment of Hellfire and from consequences we may have never thought about. Our choices are restricted so that we never have to worry about falling into the traps of the brutal evils that hide in the hidden crooks of this world, waiting to pounce at our weakest and most vulnerable moment.

Once you remind yourself that this life is nothing but an easy open-book exam, then you will truly see the beauty of Islam and the power it has on our lives: to change our world for the better and empower us to fight every obstacle that comes our way.

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