29 May 2024

8 Muslim authored books releasing in 2023

8 Muslim authored books releasing in 2023


Jameela is a 27-year-old psychology graduate who has a passion for people. Jameela is dedicated to combining her expertise in education and faith to help others. Jameela is currently in the process of writing a book, ‘Miraculously Muslim’ compiling the journey of reverts to Islam.

8 Muslim authored books releasing in 2023

With 2023 around the corner, we compiled 8 books to keep your eyes peeled for in the new year!

Growing up, it was the norm to read about characters that didn’t resemble anything like me.

Through my own creative journey, the characters I created soon emulated this, and I would write stories about Katie and Sophie, but never see myself as worthy to be reflected.

Alhamdulillah, things are changing, and there are now many BAME and Muslim writers who are sharing their stories and breathing life into the Abduls, Fatimahs and Abebes.

There is also an abundance of non-fiction books written by Muslims, for Muslims.

To celebrate this diversity in the publishing industry, we wanted to showcase seven books from new and emerging authors that are releasing in 2023.

The Muslim, State and Mind by Tarek Younis.

This nonfiction book looks at the intersection of psychology, politics and Muslims.

Younis takes a critical stance towards the usual approaches to Islamophobia and mental health. These approaches ask the question “what is the impact of Islamophobia on Muslims?” and then rely on negative health outcomes to demonstrate Islamophobia is real.

Drawing on Fanon, the book inverts the question “what is the impact of Islamophobia on Muslims?” to what does Muslim distress reveal about psychology and the political climate?”

The Kindest red by Ibtihaj Muhammad, children’s author and Olympic medallist.

When Faizah’s teacher asks her class to imagine what kind of world they want to live in Faizah imagines a world where everyone is kind to one another, and tries to create that world in the school playground. But what Faizah wants most is to be like her big sister, Asiya. Will Faizah’s classmates repay her kindness and find a way for her to match Asiya in time for school photo day?

An important and uplifting story about celebrating each other’s differences and similarities.

How to Make Money by Nafisa Bakkar.

Founder of Amaliah, CEO and Forbes under 30 Nafisa Bakkar wrote a book about the secret to building a business from scratch.

Despite not having any prior industry knowledge, Amaliah has become the leading award-winning media platform in the UK for Muslim women.

You think you know me by Ayaan Mohamud.

Hanan has always been good and quiet. She accepts her role as her school’s perfect Muslim poster girl. She ignores the racist bullies.

Then her friend is murdered and every Muslim is to blame.

How can she stay silent while her family is ripped apart? It’s time for Hanan to stop being the quiet, good girl. It’s time for her to stand up and shout.

The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty, the bestselling author of The City of Brass.

Amina al-Sirafi has survived backstabbing rogues, vengeful merchant princes, several husbands, and one actual demon to retire peacefully with her family to a life of piety, motherhood, and absolutely nothing that hints of the supernatural.

But when she’s offered a job no bandit could refuse, she jumps at the chance for one final adventure with her old crew that will make her a legend and offers a fortune that will secure her and her family’s future forever.

Yet the deeper Amina dives the higher the stakes. For there’s always risk in wanting to become a legend, to seize one last chance at glory, to savour just a bit more power…and the price might be your very soul.

Home is a silhouette by debut author Kataru Yahya. The story spins a sunshine noir retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in Ghana.

Asiya Abdullah has it all, but still, her heart is restless. She yearns for a closer relationship with her mother and friends who truly care about her. When a single mistake forces her into the grasp of a successful, powerful, and wanted man, Asiya’s life is thrust into a dark and violent world hidden behind the glittering walls of a mansion.

Lila has long since given up the idea of escaping. Five years have been stolen from her, and with little to go back to, she obediently serves as a maid to the Master of the house. Lila knows she’s a shell of herself, surrounded by people she cannot trust, but with nowhere as a home for her heart.

When the two girls’ paths converge, their worlds shatter.

Let’s talk, Dad by Abu Ibrahim

Conversations matter: our conversations with our children are the fertile grounds where their ideas are grown, imagination is broadened, principles are rooted, confidence is cultivated and personality is nurtured.

In this unique and beautifully illustrated book, Abu Ibrahim shares over 101 wonderful conversations he has had with his son on an array of topics about life.

Through his conversations, Abu Ibrahim conveys his experience, insights and educational philosophy which seamlessly incorporates positive psychology, science, parenting and the practices of Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).

Ibrahim shares his imagination, creativity, natural curiosity, innocence, child’s perspective and humour. Together, they take the ordinary and transform places and situations into opportunities to learn and spend time together.

Time to Marry by Dr Musharraf Hussain

This book aims to highlight one of Allah’s favours to us; the gift of marriage. Marriage is not only a sweet relationship but a protective mechanism.

This book covers all the important aspects of marriage including; finding a spouse, parental approval, dowry and what to do if things do wrong.

It is available on kindle but will be published physically in 2023.

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